Marine Electric - Restrained Joy LP


Marine Electric - Restrained Joy LP

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Dark Blue Marble Vinyl / 300

The members of Marine Electric have been friends since highschool, 

playing music in their parents' basements and learning how to be human 
together. The band officially started in winter of 2007 slowly carving 
out their sound over the years, releasing a hand full of EPs along the
way. They grew up on Long Island then relocated to Brooklyn in 2008 
where they have been playing and hosting shows alongside their best 

Restrained Joy represents the sum of all of Marine Electric's previous 
releases, musically, lyrically and emotionally. The theme: in the end 
the only person who can hold someone back from happiness is one's 
self. Each song explores the different ways in which we deal with 
life's obstacles and the observations we make as we constantly shift 
from moment to moment.


01. Change Your Mind 
02. Street Guitars 
03. Pretty Good Day To Be Alive 
04. Sea Fever 
05. Murder Mile 
06. Live Oak 
07. Ride It Out 
08. Real Numbers 
09. Silver For Lead 
10. Telempathy

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