Play Loud, Die: VOL ! available on Colored / Black Vinyl

Hailing from Middleboro, MA, Boston's favorite lo-fi three-piece haven't even been at it for two years, but our already sharing the stage with some of the best talent rolling through the city. 

There new EP - Play Loud, Die Vol. 1 is marking the debut to vinyl for the band, and Unbuckled couldn't be happier to have them in the family. 

In a city that’s got plenty to choose from, the old cliché of Allston Rock City might be Boston’s truest: If you really think the band is gonna make it, that’s where you should be. And as big an eye-roll as that may incite, there’s something special about the idea that, despite being able to shove music down the world’s ears with the click of a button thanks to the Internet, it still matters where you live.

Case-in-point: Ben Semeta, bassist for garage punk trio Black Beach. He and a couple hometown friends from Middleboro, Steve Instasi (guitar) and Ryan Nicholson (drums), formed the band two years ago, but things didn’t really pick up until last year, when they immersed themselves in the local Allston scene.

“This past year has been one of the most exciting of my life,” says Semeta from his Allston apartment. After spending so much time in the neighborhood while living in Waltham, he moved in September to focus more on the band. “I remember seeing CreaturoS and the Fagettes play, opening up for Screaming Females, and I thought, ‘We gotta play with these guys. These guys are best band in Boston, or at least my favorite band.’ Last year in January, I said, ‘My goal is to play with CreaturoS and the Fagettes,’ and a year later we got to play our record relese show with them".